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Cheap aluminum stock

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I am trying to mount my DD D5 pump in my case and it needs a little modding. I am at school (University) right now and we have a really nice engineering shop to utilize. They have great metalworking equipment and even rapid prototyping machines and such. Thus, instead of using cheap acryllic to mount my pump, I was planning on using aluminum or metal of some sort.

Essentially, I just need to know what grade to buy and of what metal (steel, aluminum, etc). It should be cheap, and should be able to hold the weight of the pump (~1lb) without flexing. The piece will be lofting the pump a bit and holding it up so it cannot bend at the end (think of walking out to the end of a diving board, that kind of flexing). How think would I need the metal to be?

___________|^| <~~Pump
============ <~~Metal.
^______________<~~point that metal is secured to case at
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I would be using some boxed rectangle aluminium for strength or if you have access to bending equipment just bend some 3mm up to form a c section.

ya some cheap aluminum sheet metal withh work fine if you shape it up a little with the tools the shop will have, the strength is all in the desighn of the metal, and to hold 1lb will not take much... in a engineering class i took we met a guy that held up a VW Bug with only popsicle stix... shape the AL into a box or something similar...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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