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So I found a pair of these

Sony SS-B1000 Sony SS-B1000
at a garage sale a couple days ago brand spanking new, for $25. I hooked them up to my ht receiver, just to see if they even worked, and sounded pretty good. Using a standard $40 meh 2.1 cyber acoustics desktop system, and was going to try these guys out as a replacement. Was wondering if the ever popular

Lepai Lepai
, the

Dayton Dayton
, or at the very most $'s wise, the

Pyle Pyle
would be sufficient to power these guys. Also any other "popular" units I could look at in the same price range?

*edit* Just used amazon cause all 3 were there, don't have to actually get them there if ya's know of other places.

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It depends on how loud you want them to be but in most cases I think the Lepai would be a good option, especially considering how cheap it is. I'm planning on getting the Lepai with some bookshelfs as soon as I get the funds.

It will definitely be an improvement from the Cyber Acoustics lol.

PE has the amp in stock link
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