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Cheap DICE Temp. Monitors?

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Hey guys,

Me and a buddy are going to be doing a bunch of dice runs next week, we've basically bought everything but the temperature monitor. We're in Canada, so most of them seem to cost more than the pot we bought!

Anyone know where we can get a decently priced (i.e. under $60) temperature monitor in Canada?

Thanks in advance
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Not very helpful. I picked 2 well known sites from that list, and could not find ANY temp monitors that can be used for DICE.

I suggest try E-bay and look for a UEI DT-150 or DT-200. AWESOME thermometers and can be had for your asking price.
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I got mine from Harbor Freight for under $20 IIRC. It doesn't read below around -137C, but it's otherwise pretty decent. They didn't have them anymore the last couple of times I've been in the store looking for them, and I'm not seeing them on their website either

It's this thermometer though.

A thermometer isn't absolutely essential for DI though.

Here's a good price on a UEI on ebay.
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