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Cheap DVI switches any good?

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Most switches in shops and proper etailers are £50+ but I only need something cheap that can switch between 2 DVI and 2 RCA/3.5mm/both inputs for my PS3.

Is http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/DVI-SWITCH-WIT...item45edc71a73 fine?
I wouldn't notice any problems with it, except maybe the build quality or something not too significant like that?

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Yes, that's going to be fine.

The quality of a cable or connector can't really make any difference to the quality of its output, so you're fine.

That's why paying more for an expensive cable isn't always a good idea; like I said: The quality of the picture won't be different, but it might die slightly quicker than one of a higher build quality will.
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Yeah I'm going epically cheap on the HDMI>DVI cable and phono adapters lol. I guess the cable might make a difference for audio since it's analog but hell if I notice it on a PS3 or on cheap Logitech speakers.

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Ok that switch was fail... ran fine at 720p but artifacted the image at 1080p. Returned.
Anyone have recommendations? Needs to switch between 2 DVI ports and 2 3.5mm ports/2 composite audio ports. HDCP compliant would be nice but not necessary.
Below £30 if possible, thanks.
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