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Cheap Fan Speed Controller

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Hey guys, I am thinking about picking up 4 of these to replace my antec900 led fans:


I was wondering if there are any extra cheap fan controllers, or if anyone has a fan controller available.

What would be ideal for me, is a 3.5 controller, preferably black. Or a multi controller on the back of the case on a pci slot.
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the sunbeam rheobus is pretty cheap (15) and works great!
i would suggest straying away from the ultra 3.5 bay controller though
For the fan speed controller...I recommend the 5.25" Sunbeam Rheobus. It can control up to 4 fans up to 12V/20W/1.67A each.

The Yate Loon D12SM-12 runs at 12V up to 0.3A=3.6W. This controller should work good with these fans unless the min/max controls are fixed at 0W/20W. I would think that it will automatically limit the maximum wattage output to the value of the attached fan. If it does...you will have even power output to the fan throughout the controller's adjustable range. If not, the knob on the controller would barely have to be adjusted to sweep through the fan's range of 0W-3.6W. I highly doubt this is the case though...might still want to find out for sure.

Also, considering the Yate Loons only need 3.6W for full speed, you will be able to wire anywhere from 1-5 of them to each channel of the controller.

Are you replacing the top 200mm fan with a 120mm? You might want to look for a better 200mm fan for more airflow and lower noise level.
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I am not really looking towards the 200mm fan, as i don' think it will reach my budget.

Here is my budget: 50$ flat.

Here's what I want:

4x High Quality Blue LED Fans or High Quality Fans
1x Super High Quality Fan w/ controller (Replacing tuniq towers fan)
1x Controller

And I guess I could just leave the cpu fan alone, as it is doing fine, but a high performance 3rd party fan might cool it better, that just my though. But if I choose not to get that fan for the cpu, then I could save 15-20, and get a better controller. Thoughts and help please.

I am also trying to fit some where in there some more sleeving and heatshrink for the fans.
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ui have the sunbeam controller, the LEDs on it are like flashlights! So if your case doesnt have a door your going to need to cover the LEDs at night.

Also mine has a small problem, something is loose because i have to jiggle the connections or hit the controller sometimes to get it to make my fans go to full speed.
Petras shop is not the only place I have been looking at, also performance pcs.
I would get the Sunbeam Rheobus controller and run the CPU fan on channel 1, 2x Yate Loons on channel 2 for the front fans(intake/HDD cooling), and 2x Yate Loons on channel 3 for the rear and top(exhaust).

Before shipping, those would come to $35.95 from Petra's Tech Shop. After the shipping charges, you wouldn't be left with much for anything else.

I've never owned the Tuniq Tower or even added my own fan to a CPU HSF, so I can't really recommend a replacement fan for your CPU HSF.
Thanks man, I decided to keep the stock hsf and get some other parts, I price checked at:

Performance PC

And this other place, which had every thing I truely wanted. I got 3 yate loons without leds, 1 yate loon with blue leds for my side panel, 4x 24" 3-pin fan extensions so that I can extend all the fans to the fan controller, i got the sun beam fan controller for 12$! I wanted some more sleeving and heatshrink and got a really good deal on the kit. And a 120mm shield. All for under 50$!


1x YATE LOON 120mm Case Fan - D12SH-124B - UV Blue Frame with 4 Blue leds - High Speed - $5.39
3x YATE LOON 120mm Case Fan - D12SH-12 - High Speed - $9.90
4x 24" 3 pin extension cable - FC33-24BKS - Black Factory sleeved - $5.16
1x Sunbeam 5-1/4" Rheobus Kit - BLACK - $12.95
1x Budget Black expandable cable sleeve kit - $6.99
1x 120mm Black wire fan grill 120mm Black wire fan grill - $1.39

Subtotal: $41.78
Shipping cost: $8.19
Total: $49.97

Thanks guys!
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Good deal!

I should have thought to tell you about jab-tech as that is where I got my Yate Loon fans. I guess since it had been so long ago, I just simply forgot.

You should have excellent airflow in your case with that setup along with the option of making it silent as far as the case fans go.
Also try amazon.com they got bunch of fans ,,, just search it in,, gl,
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I am surprised I found that site, and that it has such good deals!
Jab Tech is great! I bought my Yates and fan controller there awhile back. The shipping was really fast and the prices were very good.

You ordered an good setup. Enjoy your cool and quiet case!
Thanks, I haven't ordered quite yet, maybe soon.
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