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Cheapest socket AM2 processor that will work in ALL AM2 mobos?

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I fix PC's for people and pawn shops for extra side cash, and I have a lot of tester parts that I keep on hand. These are just parts that I use to test suspected bad components of a PC I may be repairing at the time. For example: If I suspect that a socket 775 intel computer has a bad processor, I have a cheapo Celeron on hand that I can use to see if the processor that was in the computer is bad. Well, I can pretty much count on the fact that the lowly celeron will work in any 775 mobo I may come across. I have used it on all manner of different motherboards.

I need an AM2 processor that's like that. Which one is very cheap, but will pretty much work in any AM2 motherboard? Performance is a non issue. It will be for testing purposes only so it can be the slowest turd around, if necessary. Thanks in advance, Benny
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wouldn't you be better off getting a cheap am2/+ and a am3 one, or a cheap AM3 since they are backward compatible.
I don't think so. The crummy low processor will run on the AM3 boards (correct??) but the AM3 processor will not run on some of the OEM boards out of Compaqs and Dells (and such) that I may run into. Unless I misunderstand what you are saying...
AFAIK AM2 and AM2+ CPUs are based around DDR2 w/ AM3 using DDR2/DDR3.

I don't think there's any CPU that will be supported by AM3, AM2, and AM2+, but any AM2 chips should work in any AM2 and AM2+ board, and any AM3 chip would work in an AM2+ board w/ a proper firmware.

An AM2 sempron would probably cover the most systems.

I have an AM2 sempron not in use. I can get you the exact model if you're interested.
PM me, maybe we can work something out.

edit: AM3 CPUs work in AM2+ boards provided the bios supports it, AM2+ CPUs will not work in AM3 boards unless explicitly noted.

Most-all low-end AM2 CPUs will be supported by both AM2 and AM2+ boards.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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