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check my build

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In my sig, its on the way just ordered for a total of 950$ Shipped

It took me a week to decide this system over a :

3600+brisbane w/ Aftermarket CPU cooler
biostar 570sli
Geil 2x 1mb ram
antec 550
area 51 case

I finally decided to go with the C2D build =)
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Very nice rig, change it so say 2x1GB ram hehe
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o LOL sry rushed through it thanks =D

Originally Posted by BenHagerty View Post
Very nice rig, change it so say 2x1GB ram hehe
it already is 2 x 1gb
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o sorry, wrong thread lol, if you look mine is the same name.
i thought you were saying my rig should be 2 x 1gb, and i said it already is, not realizing this isn't even my thread. sorry about that
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