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Hi guys,

As most of you guys are actually living in North America, i think this would be itneresting to have your opinion and feedback about an OC Gathering in North America.

The event place is not defined per say but it will mostly be in East Coast region, in Canada (Expected to be in Montreal Area.), the date are not defined yet as this is to check if there is interest.

As Massman from HWbot said :
Hey all,

With this thread I would like to check the interest for a North American overclocking gathering. In simple terms, the idea is to overclock and bench for an entire weekend with LN2 provided by the organization.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but it would be interesting to see how many people would be interested in joining this event. Some details
Location: East Coast, not USA
Timeframe: Late Q1
Price: TBD, probably around USD $100 for unlimited LN2
Would you go?
A syou guys already have the OCN2 event that could be a good adition to the north america dynamic of events

Enjoy !

NB : if this post is consider not correct, feel free to delete it
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