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[Chiphell] Thermalright Frost Spirit Air Cooler Unveiled

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Interesting heatpipe termination they have there. It reminds me of the Reeven Okeanos. If this is midrange, I wonder if there's going to be a flagship version coming soon?

Midrange Cooler
4x8mm heatpipes
140mmL x 121mmW x 158mmH
58pcs fins (very dense)
1500rpm 120mm & 140mm fans with FDB bearings
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Im still rocking my venomous x for my 4790k which I have given to my sister. It's literally the longest owned heatsink I have and I actually wonder if the heatpipes still have their 'filling'. Thermalright is one of the most underrated companies and hope they can capture some of the big air market which is dominated by Noctua. Also hope they can change their product naming because its so confusing. Too many revisions why not just append a MK or something.
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