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[Chiphell] Thermalright Frost Spirit Air Cooler Unveiled

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Interesting heatpipe termination they have there. It reminds me of the Reeven Okeanos. If this is midrange, I wonder if there's going to be a flagship version coming soon?

Midrange Cooler
4x8mm heatpipes
140mmL x 121mmW x 158mmH
58pcs fins (very dense)
1500rpm 120mm & 140mm fans with FDB bearings
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These coolers all look the same, as typically cool the same. I think the limit has been reached for this design. A case of reinventing the wheel in my opinion. Improvements can be made by making the cooler even taller and wider, but this isn't feasible due to weight and size restrictions.
I was going to post the same. Why do people even bother having a whole discussion and interest in a new heatsink, when it's just a rehash or what has already existed for more than a decade and any possible gains in efficiency are overwhelmingly likely to be within the 5% margin at most?
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