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Chipset cooling

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Whats a good air chipset setup? A1178 Crystal Orb Chip Cooler i found this but i have no previous experience with chipset cooling so i have no clue
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Humm, the thermaltake Orb isn't the best NB cooler. Yes, it will do the job, but it is winey (had one, hated it) I may have just had a bad one, Idk, I had that to upgrade from a passive stock heatsink on an Asus board. I tried everything to get it to be quiet, re-seated it numerous times, added lube, didn't do anything, sill winey. I would recommend a passive heatsink (unless you want to spend 30+ for a decent fan one) This Zalman is the one I eventually got, It dropped my load on the NB from 50c to around 38-40c and idles really low. In my case, I just didn't like the TT due to the cheapness in quality and wineyness of it..(eventhough thermaltake is a brand I really like)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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