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Chipset holding back my overclock?

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I know my E6600 and P5W CPU and board are starting to show there age, but, I have seen many people pull off at least 3.5 with this same combination.

For me however, 3.3 is all I can get stable. These are my settings:
VCORE: 1.4875 (you read right)
Memory: 918MHz 5-5-5-15 (CPUZ is giving me a 4:5 ratio. This is really wack because my memory's stock speed is 1000MHz)
Memory voltage:2.0

My question is: Is my particular board's chipset just wack or do I not know what I'm doing?

Every time I go for 3.5 this thing won't post. Also if I try to lower the vcore it won't post at 3.3. Any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by RyanRacer48
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Crazy vcore... Seems WAYYYY too high.

Keep in mind this is an older 65nm chip, these procressors took a higher vcore than 45nm.

Still that being said 1.4875 is on the higher end, even for a 65nm chip.
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