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Choosing Psu Antec + Enermax

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My 12 volt on my current psu is quite low, its actually not even 12 volts
so i need help picking a new one. I have these two in mind.

Antec True Control II 550Wats - 19amps on each 12v Rail (2 Rails)
Antec Truepower 550 watts - 19 Amps On Each Rail (2 Rails)

Which Is Better?
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Originally Posted by soloz2

neither. Antec makes some pretty decent psus but they're not the best. You'll get more stable power out of any of these psus.
Enermax Liberity
Seasonic S12
Sunbeam nuuo
OCZ powerstream 520
FSP epsilon

Took your word for it. I bought myself the Enermax Liberty 500 with 22 amps on each rail. You're A Genius

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