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hey guys, i think its coz of my CPU thats why i posted this here but, this is my issue

i have choppy everything, youtube videos, twitch stream, games like World Of Tanks, Mighty Quest For The Epic Loot,, Loadout, even on low details,
it looks like objects are not moving but teleporting when they are going fast, here is example video where i dont see ****(this video was recorded by me, footage is bluray rip 4.5gb big and its encoded by OBS, but its not window capture, its game capture from mpc window),i have updated my Codecs, i am using now Klite Mega Codec pack, i have up to date nvidia drivers, everything,

i dunno what is causing this problem

here is my setup
I7 3820
MSI nVidia 660ti OC/3gb (curent clock here http://i.imgur.com/AIe4llT.png) problems occur on stock clock too
Asus rampage IV GENE
16gb ram, 1600 mhz kingston, dunno exactly model
HDD, slow 1tb drive for 50€ dunno anything about it

two LCD 24s, diferent brands, one brand new other year old, bouth having same choppiness

why i am suspicious about my CPU? it was overheating almost 1/2 year due bad termal paste (80+ deg celsius)

can you give me any advice what to try now or what its causing it?

my 3dmark score is still great, i had 5750 on max not so stabile OC, now on this OC i have 5488
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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