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Christmas wishlist- watercooling

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I've always wanted watercooling, but it's a bit expensive for my normal budget, but since Christmas is coming up...

I've done a bit of looking over the past couple of days-

GPU block- http://www.performance-pcs.com/catal...ducts_id=24399

The 4870 block on Petra's is out of stock, so I had to look elsewhere.

The rest- http://www.petrastechshop.com/pecoba.html

The only thing I'm concerned about is the barb size on the GPU block, because the tubing is 7/16 and the barbs come in 3/8 or 1/2. I like the kit though because it's not ridiculously expensive and I'd have to switch up everything to accommodate unless there's not too much of a problem trying to fit 7/16 on the 1/2 barb, because it's only 1/16 difference.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance and happy Thanksgiving!
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get the 1/2 barbs and u want 7/16, its only a 16 smaller but u want it to be really really tight cuz u dont wanna leak. i always go a 16th under
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^^ Seconded.

Also, when putting them on and taking them off, it's good to put the tips in boiling/warm water to keep the tips loose and easier to stretch of the barbs.
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Definitely put the tips in warm water, this helps a TON when putting them on! Especially with good fatboy barbs
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i also am considering getting a water-cooling setup, mostly because air makes my room far too much like a sauna. any suggestions in how to get the best bang for my buck, w/ about a 3-400 budget for an i7 920?? [also would really like to make it glow red. ^^
HappyClam, I hate to tell you this, but your room with still be a sauna. Your components are still going to output the same amount of heat, they will just run cooler while they do it. The only way to stop your room from becoming a sauna is to introduce something that is sub-ambient to combat the heat.

Law of Thermodynamics.. I learned it the hard way, as I thought I could cool off my room the same... All water-cooling did was make me want to run my chip at higher speeds lol.
awwww. :/

screw science going people and there crap laws of thermodynamics. always gotta ruin my fun / half good ideas.

regardless. id really like to go watercooling. sooo much cooler looking, and i wont be afraid to OC my i7. LOL.
Alright, thanks. I went ahead and changed the gpu block to http://www.performance-pcs.com/catal...ducts_id=25222

I've heard good things about Heatkiller and I think it looks better than the other, as well as being a bit cheaper.
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