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Ciao a Tutti from Italy!

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Hello to everyone! Surfing on the web looking for ideas for my very first modern rig I found you guys, really happy to see all the beautiful things that could be applied to a case (just to name one!

Sorry for my english (hope to improve too!
And see you around!
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Bonjourno e benvenuto a OCN!

Im half French half Italian but I don't speak it at all since my parents are to lazy to do so.
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Don't worry about your English. Your English is very good compared to some of the English-speakers here.

Welcome to OCN.
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Welcome to the forums and your English is fine. Trust me... I've seen worse. lol
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Thanks to all of you! There is a plethora of guides so i'm reading reading, trying to understand the OC of RAM and stuff...

Ci sentiamo pronto (see you later!)
Welcome to OCN!
I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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