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Cisco Router with 2 Xbox 360's

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Ok, I have all the details, so I'll show exactly what my problem is. We have two xbox's soon to be three and it signs in one okay, but signs the other in with a restricted NAT. I know this is a frequent problem but can't seem to solve it.. Or recommend a router that will work. Here is the details:

-Cisco EPC2425 UPC router
-So its a cable router not going through DSL.
-It's connected to the xbox's through wired.
-Going through a hub router (tried without that but made no difference).

I have been advised to:

-Tick the UPnP box (to enable multiple xbox IP's.) And to make sure I'm not forwarding any ports and that I don't have an xbox as DMZ host. - Didn't work.

-Untick UPnP and forward ports for one of the Xbox's IP. And make the other Xbox's IP as DMZ host - Didn't work.

-Also tried port triggering and no luck.

Is there anything else I should try? Or is there something in options I shouldn't have? Please take a look:

(obv not enabled because was trying just UPnP)

Thanks for any help.
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You seem to be missing a port in your UPnP list.

TCP 80.

Enable UPnP with the port forwarding.
Also, does this router have a built-in firewall? If so, check the settings in that as well.
Yeah checked the firewall, settings don't seem to be the problem. Added that port and no joy, It seems to disconnect one xbox when the other connects, really annoying. Can anyone that has 2 xbox's running on the same router recommend me a router please? Thanks.
Noone any suggestions for a gaming router that will definitely support two xbox's ip addresses?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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