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Does anyone know where I can get 8gb of 2000Mhz ram for an AMD system for ~$250? Fry's was selling it but are presently out of stock... Or at least tell me how to get 2000mhz out of my current.

I have a 1055T (AMD 6 core) processor on this mb:


and I am currrently using the following ram:


(Even though superbiiz REALLY sucks)...

But the system refuses to go above 1600mhz - is that because its a mb limitation or because it's optimized for intel (the enemy)?

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Above 1600Mhz you really won't notice a difference; I usually recommend 1600 CAS6-7 RAM, it's pretty much the sweet spot on AMD. Higher speeds with (usually) higher timings do not make a difference and 1600Mhz with low timings has become quite affordable lately. Doesn't mean that 2000Mhz won't work on AMD though, it's been done before
with 8GB though it'd be a bit tough.

I'm also pretty sure that Super Talent definitely doesn't suck - I've seen this kit recommended by the serious RAM gurus with IC knowledge and epic RAM overclocking skills (wink wink, nudge nudge
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