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Clan Creation

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I've been looking around now for some time seeking active clans that play the games that interest me on a competitive yet social level. Most I have seen are 'sort of active' or don't have the members/time to progress. Quite a few years ago I used to run a clan for counter-strike source, played in the enemy down league and had a great bunch of people which lasted nearly two years, but due to personal reasons and other members the clan disabanded.

I'm looking for some members/leaders people how can help dedicate some time into forming a clan with myself. I have no problem investing in a server and ventrilo or sorting a website out as I have the knowledge and software to do so, but its more the fact or gaining a small group of people.

Game wise, I'm quite open minded, I have a wide selection of games from FPS, to RTS and MMO. My main goals would be to join an active gaming league to compete on a regular basis and also set some Lan's up too. If your interested please message me or reply.

Many Thanks
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It would probably be wise to list your games and skill level.
I'm medium skilled at the majority of fps games such as: CSS, DOD:S, COD4, MOHAA, OF
R, Far Cry 2...

Low skilled on majority of RTS games: Red alert 3, Generals, Supreme commander.

The list could go on i have a silly amount of games, even set up a sort of community see how things go and progess further in the near future.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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