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Hi guys,

I plan to build a WC system based on upcoming 900D. Before the monster case comes, I ordered pretty much everything I'll need and have them stacked up.

I'd like to share my way of cleaning and flushing newly bought radiators. Those are 240mm and 480mm Alphacool XT45s.

Some of you may have seen the video by WestCoastMod


and the list of parts he used for his setup is available at


The post says it takes around $70 at least to buy all the parts and the big part of it is the filter and parts to adapt it to WC setup.

I want to introduce a cheaper alternative filter to accomplish the same job.

First, let me show you my loop for cleaning the two rads. As the picture shows, it is

Bucket -> Submersible pump -> Radiator 1 -> DC pump -> Radiator 2 -> Water filter -> Bucket

To get this setup, you need the following parts.

1. 3~5 gallon bucket(less than $3 or you may have one at home)

2. a submersible pond pump. I bought the following pump for $18 from Amazon and it works fine.


3. Water filter kit . I use the filter kit by 3M . It comes with filter, tubes and mount. The tube is 1/4 ID / 3/8 OD.

It's about $30 in Amazon.


4. a G1/4 1/4 ID barb fitting to connect your part to the filter. It is about $4 in PPCS.

I didn't count tube / fittings for your parts in the cost of the setup for an obvious reason.

The filter impose huge pressure drop to the loop and the pond pump is not so powerful. So I put my DC pump(which will be in my rig anyways) between the loop to enhance the flow. With additional MCP35X at 100% power, the flow looks approximately 1.5GPM. You can just leave the loop like 6~8 hours and the cleaning is done. Debris and small particles (smaller than 5 micron) are filtered and your radiators are good to go

This method, of course, can be applied to water blocks or even entire loop. If you have 2 pairs of quick disconnects, then you can do the cleaning without destroying your loop. I think this the best way to clean your parts without any hassle.

Any comments are welcome. Thanks!
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