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Cleaning CPU (TIM)

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I got a little Thermal paste on my i7 860, around the traces next to the IHS (MX-3 so it isn't conductive)... Should there be any problems with washing the CPU under tap water ? (and of course I'll wait until it's 100% dry).

Edit: By the way, I don't mean I want to submerge my whole CPU in water - I just meant the sides.
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yeah thats perfectly acceptable, (just kidding btw)

use alcohol and a qtip
Not that great of an idea.. Just clean it up with some q-tips and isopropyl alcohol
Any reason why tap water wouldn't work?
water is bad for electronics. tap water on top of that is filthy and full of minerals and other contaminants that will leave behind deposits even after its dry you would end up having to clean it with alcohol any way to get those off.

and how would you know there wasn't any water trapped behind the IHS and the chip
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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