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Cleaning old TIM before applying the Hyper212?

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I was wondering, how should I clean up the TIM on my cpu before I apply my hyper 212 +? For first boot before I got my hyper 212, I installed the stock CPU cooler. Now, I have to remove it but what should I do about the TIM resdue on the top of the CPU?

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Use isopropyl alcohol (91% is best, but 70% will do) and a q-tip or some paper towel if that's all you have.
^^ agreed

also, if you don't have any lint-free wipes use a coffee filter. no joke.
Yup, id remove it. Because once removed, it can form impurities in your thermal material which can cause hot spots to form on your CPU.
Rubbing alcohol and paper towel or coffee filter.
Who is this "TIM" you speak of?

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Who is this "TIM" you speak of?

Thermal Interface Material
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Use isopropyl alcohol and q-tips. For the alcohol, try to get 90% or higher concentration (less water on your parts). Or if you're like me and have a chemist for a mom, get her to "borrow" some 100% isopropyl alcohol and lint-free Chem-Wipes.
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