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Hey guys

I've been reading all the SSD stuff for a while, and I want to get my drives sorted out before I buy. I currently have 3 drives:

1. 320gb with Vista and some apps (250gb partition) and 7 and some apps (50gb) installed.

2. 500gb dedicated to a certain undiscussable OS

3. 1tb with media on it

My ultimate goal is to have just 7 and the cranky apps on drive 1, all apps that will play nice on 2, leave the media on 3. The 320 will be replaced by the SSD when it comes in, the cranky apps that have to be on C will be reinstalled, and if the SSD gives me crap, I can just keep booting from the 320 until I get it sorted.

I'm looking for any advice on killing Vista, if there's an uninstall guide/program, or if it would be better to just ignore it/wipe that partition. I don't need the space, just want a test run. Once the SSD is playing nice, the 320 will be put on the shelf for the next build.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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