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Trying to Overlock my PC.
Has anybody had similar problem of Clockgen for nF4 (CG-NVNF4)?

It seemed normal with AN8-sli mobo, but after mobo exchanged for
A8N 32 sli, ClockGen comes up corrupted and unusable as per foto.
With / without firewals.

Redownloaded & un/reinstalled it several times.

Get Values were applied.
Any help appreciated.

Many Thanx
PS. Is there another similar prog. for O/clocking in WinXP real time ?

PC Home build
Asus A8N 32 sli deluxe
Bios AMI
Chipset nF4-sli
AMD 3.5+ (2.20ghz)
Corsair twinx 1024-3200 C2PT DDR SDRAM 2x512mb
MSI 6600gt 128 PCI-E
Maxtor sata 160mb
PSU 400w
XP sp2

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I would use the bios and forgo programs like clockgen and ntune. The biggest problem I find with them is that once I change settings I often have to reboot to get the system back to the bios defaults as they do not often set correctly.

Set your ram to 266 for the purpose of excluding it from the cpu testing. Once you get your maximum CPU then you can increase the ram and the timings. Set your ram timings high as well. 3-4-4-8. It is spec'd out at 2-3-3-6 so once you get your CPU at maximum you will have lots of room to play with it.

Try these settings:

10x multi @ 240 --> 250 --> 260 --> 270
pci-e 100 mhz
ram volt 2.8
cpu volt 1.4375
pci sync 33.33

Test each increase with superpi 32m. Once you reach instability you can drop by a few increments and retest. Once you are stable then you can prime95 test your system for stability. Drop incrementally again until you reach prime95 stabilty.

You can also increase the voltage to 1.55 also to find your maximum. That is a Venice CPU so you should be able to hit ~2.6 - 2.7GHz.



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Thanx Ropey,

What do you mean by setting "3-4-4-8" & "2-3-3-6". Where are these figures in Bios.

"...pci sync 33.33..." there is only PCI-E mention and none on PCI in my Bios:-

The mobo manual differs from the actual Bios I read on the screen, but I found the correct manual here:

AMI 64-1009-009999-00101111-121405-C51G for my a8n32sli mobo, but it's manual does not correspond exactly to this bios. I found the correct one here:-

Is yours a different Bios?

This also confuses me "...You can also increase the voltage to 1.55 also to find your maximum..." Do you mean the "V CORE" maybe also called "Proccessor Voltage" ?

The varying phraseology for the same things makes it difficult to understand.
It is difficult enough as it is to grasp the essance of this operation.

Tried to make a list (below) of rather blind attempts to find out about O/Clocking. Really have very little idea of what am doing, except that must monitor well.
Cannot afford to burn £85 6600gt & £105 mobo. Little money & faint at heart.

At all times used StressPrime & monitored CPU & Chipset Temps with SpeedFan program, and CPU heatsink, Chipset, pipes & mem sticks were lukewarm on the touch.

Sory for being naive, but besides the learning of the workings of a PC, & perhaps the adrenaline derived, what else does it achieve? nick

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