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I apologize for asking something that's been asked a gazzilllion times before but let's just say I've tried a few avenues and they aren't working for me. Here's my issue:

I have a PC with two hard drives.

C: Maxtor 160GB
D: Seagate 80GB

The Maxtor has Windows XP and I need to image that copy to the Seagate drive because I'm going to use the Maxtor in an external enclosure. I have since tried:

Acronis WD Edition (Won't work because there's no WD drive)
SeaTools (MSI installer fails)
Clonezilla (I don't want to burn ISO/CD/DVD to make copies of HDD)

What can I use that is freeware or has available options to make an exact clone of my OS drive to the spare drive? Can I just copy things via command prompt "c:\\copy c: d: *.*" (can't remember if that's the correct command)? Can I copy the drive withing Windows XP some how? The spare drive is ready to go and I need this done immediately... Time is an issue here.

Thanks ~ GanjaSMK
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