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I got 256GB elsewhere.

128GB 2133MHz DDR4 ECC Registered for HP ML110 Server - Also looking for a cage for it that holds 4x LFF drives.

I'm looking for memory for an HP server that has 8 memory slots. Looking for 128GB or more total, 64GB sticks would be nice so I can upgrade by adding more to unpopulated slots later but initially I need 128GB. PM me with what you have and price shipped to 90805. I have things to trade also if preferred, I'll list them below. Thanks.

- EVGA 1080 Ti x4 with EKWB Nickel plated water blocks backplate covers.
- Intel 7980XE delided not pushed past 4.4GHz with 1.115v but it may go higher, I just didn't need it in fact I'm running it at stock at the moment.
- 4x Samsung 512GB 950 Pro with some good life left on them.
- Aquacomputer brand new D5 pump PWM version
- Intel 5930K - used
- Intel 7740K - used
- Intel 6850K Silicon Lottery 4.5GHz
- Merlin Caselabs SM8 with a large window door - black. Mounts for 480mm, 360mm and 360mm rad space.
- Asus Rampage VI Apex - bench testing components usage only. All accessories are mostly unopened and included.
- Titan XP x2 with EKWB water blocks/backplates Nickel Plated
- Titan Xp x2 with EKWB water blocks/backplates Nickel Plated
- 32GB Trident Z 4x 8GB White/Silver 4133
- 32GB Trident Z RGB 4x 8GB RGB
- 64GB Trident Z 8x8GB White/Silver 4000
- Asus Rampage V Edition 10 Used

Pictures posted/PMed upon request.
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