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My case is a Cooler Maser Elite 310.

I had done some simple modifications in the past for airflow.You can see them here.

I have used simple tools like a manual Hack saw(not those electric jigsaws),Drill machine with just a 3/16 drill bit,tin cutter and pliers.(i had an option of either buying new tools of spending money on better hardware.i choose hardware :p )


  1. Fan in 5 1/2'' bay.
  2. Cut outs in mobo tray.
  3. Bottom intake cutout.
  4. Raised cabinet floor for more clearance.
  5. Rear grill cutout.
  6. DIY fan controller.
  7. Switch for case lights.
  8. Front panel intake.
  9. 5 1/2 '' bay fan.
  10. Transparent side panel cutout.
  11. 1'' extension of the left side panel(one facing the mobo tray)


I am using only 1 of the four 5.25" front bays for a dvd-rw which i never use!

I removed the covers from the front bezel and the metal frame.cut out the middle part from the 2 front plastic covers and added a wire mesh in between and painted it black.

In the empty bays i added a 120x25 mm coolermaster silent pro fan as intake and placed it between layer of foam.

this was my 1st modification.helped my temps :)

UPDATE:painted the bays black,added thicker foam and painted that black too :D

Photos updated.


Update:painted the wire mesh JET BLACK.Was difficult to paint it with a simple brush,but with patience,it got done :)

Updated Photos.


UPDATE:Also in order to hold the wire mesh firmly in place(tape,hooks didnt work.) i used 2 zipties per joint.It will be clearer when you see the photos below :) n yeah,i coloured them red with marker ink :D





Now,it had terrible wire management cause there was NO space behind the motherboard tray AND no provision for taking the wires there.

this is how the mobo tray was.


(above photo from google images.i hadnt taken a photo of the mobo tray before modifying it.)

So i had to make holes where possible for making some much needed wire management possible.

Also I have a Hyper 212+ shipping in on 22nd,so a cut out for the socket was needed.

Motherboard tray modification.

I cut holes in the places shown in the photo below.

(Drill i slit,hack saw!)


Holes done and lined them with rubber lining used for glass windows


ran out of rubber lining when i took this photo,used electrical tape and super glue ;)


Bottom hole and Rear panel hole.

The hole is a perfect circle,the rubber lining was a bit of a pain to put in.did it later(pics below)

Also placed 1 1/2 inch bushes for more clearance.


Cut the grill out with a tin cutter and filed out the imperfections.


Lining corrected.


Front panel Fan controller and Case light switch.

1)Used a 3watt 100ohm potentiometer to control the front bottom fan(which is the noisiest fan i have.)

2)A rocker switch to control the 16led strip i have a case lighting.

3)Also added white LED lights on this transparent fan.the potentiometer controls the white LEDs and the fan.So i know how fast the fan is spinning by just looking at the intensity of the led glow :)


wiring may be a bit messy,but whos gona see it once its on the case ;)


needs cleaning,some finishing and an extended sidepanel to conseal the wires(working on it as you read this)


The potentiometer at work.

very little glow,low speed.


White glow and full speed.


Circuit for the switch and potentiometer(fan controller)


Remaining work.

  1. Proper finishing of the cutouts in front panel.
  2. Adding another 1 inch between the mobo tray and right sidepanel.(right sidepanel is a very tight fit now as there is no space whatsoever for the wires from the PSU.)will probably add 1 inch rubber bushes on the four corners and cover the opening with wood/aluminium strips.
  3. Addition of fan grills(bottom and rear)
  4. Painting all the wires black(too lazy to sleeve)
  5. Addition of transparent acrylic on the left side panel with a fan cutout.
  6. will probably replace the blue led strip with cold cathodes.

Will keep you guys posted :)

any suggestions,critique,inputs are most welcome!

this is my first time doing such extensive work on my pc case so any help will be nice.

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mode modifications and new additions :)

  1. hyper212+ with push/pull
  2. mascool 120mm airfilters
  3. new stickers! :D
  4. 1'' clearance on the right side panel(using door magnets)

Video of the case as on 9th jan 2012.

Some photos

Hyper 212+


Mascool 120mm foam air filter


hyper212+ unboxed




Clearance needed for wires.


Added plastic strips and door magnets,both 1'' in width.




Custom built by me :)


Rocker switch(lights) and potentiometer(fan contrler)


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Hello! I too have modded an Elite 310
I have put a 4" fan in the front bottom of the case and added an air filter.
I am running an exhaust fan at rear.
Both fans are Rexnord , running at 220 V, so as not to tax the PSU.
I am about to modify the rear fan and cutout the perforated part, and add a finger guard.
I am planning a fan on top of the case for the PSU and then turn the PSU around.
This way the PSU air cooling will not come from inside the case.
I am also planning a HD drive bay mod so as to cool the drives better. The present drive bay blocks air flow.
I have a CM TX3 cpu cooler . (Mods to be done in February)

I found your motherboard tray mods useful and will try these.
Just bought a 4" hole cutter for Rs 400 for the fans.
Presently running overclocked a i7 870 upto 4.2Ghz
I too am in Mumbai, in a dusty location, and no AC
Like to exchange notes with you!

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good to know u found this useful :)

your oc is impressive!

where in mumbai do u live?

and which fans r u using?

are the computer case fans?cause if they run at 220v,they are not meant for computer cases.

case fans are either 12v or 5v and they dont tax the PSU at all.

and some pics of your mod would be nice :)


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Hi Vijay
I live at Bandra, and work in Goregaon (E)
I am using an indian make called Rexnord (http://www.rexnordindia.com) for the intake Rs 1250
This is a 4 " double ball bearing, metal blade fan, and has a good airflow even with a filter attached.

I have taken out the one fan supplied with the case (12V) and using it on the side panel.

I find the 220V fans good, only they need a separate cable and cannot be controlled.
They are quite noisy.

I got the filter from Jainson (http://www.sjimpex.com) Rs 45
For the exhaust I am using a 220 V but cheaper version at Rs 250
These are available in Lamington Road.
I am running an Asus P7p55D E pro motherboard and i7 870 intel processor.
i have overclocked via BIOS

The Elite HD drive bay blocks the airflow, so presently I took out the rivets, and turned it around.
I am making a bracket to mount 3 drives with two simple aluminum brackets
Is your bottom case fan helpful for the Graphics card.?

My drive temperature is at 33C and CPU at 48C

Your mobo tray mod has been very helpful, and I will do the same to neaten the cabling.
After taking the cables from the back , below the tray, does the side panel fit? there hardly seems clearance, though you have cable tied it well.
Also, i have to do the exhaust fan cutout.

I use a Bosch power drill and a Black and Decker hacksaw for modding
I will post some snaps soon.
Can I post snaps to this tread, or do I create another thread?


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i am located in new bombay.

your fans seem to be of industrial grade!i guess 200+ CFM!must be very noisy man.

my coolermaster blademaster(70CFM) quite noisy.

as long as u dot mind the noise,the cooling must be gr8!

i am aware of the HDD cage placement.but my hdd temps range from 33C to 40C and hdds are safe upto 70C,so i m fine with that.

no,there is no space what so ever for the cables between the motherboard tray and the side panel.

i used 1 inch door magnets available at any hardware store(Rs8 each)

its shown in the 7th photo in the second post.

i then used 1inch plastic strips the cover the opening between the case and the side panel.

a power drill and a dermal will do the job of gutting through the tray and fan grills.

i did not have a drill at that time so gave it to a metal works shop who did it for Rs500.

the bottom intake is very helpful,i added 1.5inch bushes at the bottom of the case for clearance.

but keep in mind the bottom intake gives u the same results as the side intake.i had to get rid of the side intake as my 212+ was taking up space.

i will make a 10''x6'' cut out in the side panel and add a transparent acrylic sheet when i get the time n tools for it :)

so only make cutout for a bottom intake IF u cannot add a side intake fan for yout GPU.

and feel free to post your photos here.i will change the thread title accordingly :)

cheers mate.

PS-- fill out your system spec in your signature.it will be easier for every1 :)

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Finally added a transparent side panel cutout :D


Added custom made stickers :)


Lights on!!



More custom case badges on the other side.Working on making the side panel in a brushed steel finish and replacing the white plastic spacers with aluminium angled strips.pics here.


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OK here are my case pictures 450450450450344450450

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What are your CPU and HDD temps?
If one does not use the spacers for the back panel, would the wires still fit?
You cut a large hole in the mobo plate- what is the purpose of this?
Are the Mascool filters effective?
What do they cost?
Are replacement filters available?
Did you finally get a drill ?


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  1. CPU is overclocked to [email protected] temps are 35-40C idle and 58-65C load.
  2. No,wires wont fit.may be u can fit the wires but the connectors will not fit at all.bont try to press the sidepanel and force it to fit.it may bend the mobo tray.
  3. the large hole is to easily remove and the back plate and hence the cpu cooler( hyper 212+)
  4. yes mascool filters are effective.u will see a 2-3C rise in temps,but your heatsink,motherboard and gpu will have LESS dust.considering the amount of dust in bombay there is no filter that can keel all the dust out.
  5. i ordered them from canada.my brother was there and was coming down for a visit.so i shipped it to his address and got it with him when he came.
  6. i am not aware of the replacement filters.but they are not cotton mesh,its a foam mesh hence can be washed and reused.
  7. no,i have a friend at a metal works shop.he does has better tools and skill and charges wayy less money than a good drill would cost me.

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Right sidepanel modification.

Giving it the brushed steel look.

posted here.

will put up final pics in this thread.

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side panel mod in progress.

updated photos.

going for the brushed steel look.

sanded out the powder coat with sandpaper of grit progressing from 80,220,400,600,1200.

then worked on the brushed metal look as this way(did what this guy did in the video below)

to keep the lines straight,used a 2 foot plastic strip.(it was part of a Tsquare before)

2/3rd done..i had biceps,triceps and fourceps after this!

any1 who wants to do this,i suggest u use a paint stipper.its cheaper and easier.but make sure to follow all the health and safety rules.paint stripper fumes are harmful.


Got rid of the powder coat.


Even sanding lines.clean surface.I LIKE!




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Originally Posted by breadcrums View Post

side panel mod in progress.
updated photos.

going for the brushed steel look.
sanded out the powder coat with sandpaper of grit progressing from 80,220,400,600,1200.
then worked on the brushed metal look as this way(did what this guy did in the video below)

to keep the lines straight,used a 2 foot plastic strip.(it was part of a Tsquare before)

2/3rd done..i had biceps,triceps and fourceps after this!
any1 who wants to do this,i suggest u use a paint stipper.its cheaper and easier.but make sure to follow all the health and safety rules.paint stripper fumes are harmful.


Got rid of the powder coat.


Even sanding lines.clean surface.I LIKE!



Paint stripper is the way to go and to nuterilize paint stripper pour vinegar over it

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Originally Posted by sil3nt_dr3ams View Post

Paint stripper is the way to go and to nuterilize paint stripper pour vinegar over it
learnt that a little too late :\

done with adding the aluminium angles to conceal the 1inch extension had to make to make room for the wires.(log in first page.)

yet to add a synthetic clear coat/varnish and even out the aluminium strips.

here are photos without the clearcoat.

brushed steel :)



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went a whole new way in the past few months.

did my front panel/bezel and left sife panel.

will post the photos of 'it being made later'

final photos below.

These are only the left side panel and the front panel.right side is in progress.i get only weekends to work on it so will take some time :)

photos are bad,will have to move the case to somewhere with better lights :)

left side panel and front panelwith the lights on.

the lights inside the case and on the front panel are wired seperately and have switches to turn them on and off.you can see them hanging from behind the right side.(will find a place for them once i am done with the right panel.



an earth mover and a safety cone in the 2.5'' bay ;)


front with lights off.


Lights off!


will draft a post with the steps and the mods that went into this.

the metal knob you see next to the power buttons is a home made fan controller.

its a 3ohm rheostat wired to the front fans.
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