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Cm haf 932

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well i ordered the HAF and samsung 23" on friday at 6pm from overclockers.co.uk and came the following day on saturday at 9am. i couldn't beleive th great service and delivery time so im very impressed.

onto the case though, first impression were very good. even in the box it looked mean and as soon as i got it out the box, i looked at it and my first thought was "its huuuge!" haha. Compared to my old jeantech luna. very high quality materials and put together really well too. i love the cooling features aswell, especially so as it dropped a total of 10c on ambient temps which i was also impressed with. all my peripherals glow blue (saitek eclipse II, razer deathadder, lights on monitor) and i have 2 LED sharkoons that also follow the pattern, so i will be changing the LED fan on the front to a blue one which i believe is availible from coolermaster. anyone know where i can get one in the UK?

was also happy with today because it was my first time putting my computer together with out my friends help. so im pleased with that too. all went without a hitch

after this i opened up the next box and found the samsung 23" SM2333SW monitor, and what a monitor it is. Going from a 15" to a 23" is absolutely amazing and i love it. i have much room for everything and i love the high resolution of 1920x1080. makes gaming that much more enjoyable. (even though i'll have to buy a new GPU to get the most out of it) but yeah, again, very high build quality, very clear,vivid picture. can't say a bad thing about it as of yet. deffinitely recommend this, especially for the price too. (£165.)

so yeah, just wanted to tell everyone what i thought of the products and what not.

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Glad to hear you are happy with your purchase. That is also a very nice sandwich that you have there.
Welcome to the party, pal. The HAF is a great case.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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