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CM N520/Cooler Master 1156 or 775 brackets ??? Anyone got spare CM brackets?

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Does anyone know where I can get the 1156 retention brackets and back plate for the CM N520? (or the multi purpose 775/1156/1366 all in one back plate)

I have a CM N520 missing a 1156 retention plate and their website has the multipurpose plate listed, but doesn't tell me where to buy them...

This thing:


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By the way, if someone is kind enough to spend me a spare cooler master 1156 or multi-purpose bracket & retention plate they don't need, I'd really appreciate it.

Willing to pay for shipping and more.
Anyone got any spare CM brackets/plates or know where to get these?
contact coolermaster support
tell them that it came with bent or missing brackets

they will send replacements

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thanks, didn't know they would do that.
bump, cooler master support is taking forever. I sent them a request over a week ago and haven't heard a peep. Status update shows no progress.

Anyone have one of these to spare?
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