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CM Refurbished Cases

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Has anyone had a problem with them? They offer huge discounts, and I was wondering what they actually consider 'refurbished'?
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Are you talking about buying from their CM store?

I've bought 2 cases from them before, one case was missing the cable to attach the front USB/audio ports while the other one was like new.

If they would offer another free shipping promotion, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a few more cases.
I have never heard any complaints from a refurbished case. The only problem is damaged packaging / boxes
I purchased a refurbished cm 90 from them that appeared to be new to me, I couldn't find any flaws. I also have purchased a few refurb PSU's from them with no problems.
ya, from the cm store, was just looking at some cases and I love the cosmo, and its 100 bucks off.
From what I've heard, the CM store refurbs are like new.
Its mainly the ones stores/retailers send back to CM. Most of them are flawless, with some having scratched or very minor blemishes.

Like many refurb items, CM takes care of them first
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Yeah, if they didn't say refurbished when buying them I would think they would be new.

My friend bought two and the look just like new.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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