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CM690 Front Bezel Mod

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This isn't so much a mod as it is an improvement on poor design. The front bezel on my 690 hasn't sat right since I got it, the top right side always stuck out because the half circle things with the tabs didn't have tabs.

You'll Need:
CM690 (NO WAY!)
3x Drywall Screws (seriously) length doesn't matter.
Razor Blade or box cutter
Method of cutting drywall screws

Total Time it took me: 10 Minutes

Makes the front bezel feel 100% more solid, and the power and reset buttons don't feel squishy anymore.

Here is the how the bezel fit before:

EDIT: No, the fan wire is NOT holding it open, the fan wire actually is about 6" down from the top of the case. It is just an awful angle.

Remove your bezel, the holes marked here have little useless posts that do absolutely nothing that stick through them about 1/8" into the chassis. Time to make them useful.

Start by taking a razor blade or box cutter and pressing it firmly on top of the little hollow post. There is a point where there are supports (why?) that hold the post in place, go down to there with the blade, the post starts to get wider there. The blade should go straight in with little to no fuss at all. Simply turn the blade and the useless piece of the post falls right off. I didn't take any pictures of this, I really don't know why. Oh well, it's not hard to figure out.
This is an image of one of the three "posts" that need to be cut down:

Giant and out of focus, I know, sorry.

Once that's done, the posts won't be long enough to go through the hole in the chassis, this is what we want.

Take a full length drywall screw, put it in the hole in the post, and screw it down, don't go too far or you'll end up going through the front of the bezel. Not my fault if you do after reading this. I don't have any pics of this either. This basically creates threads inside of the plastic post so after the next step, the screw won't have any problems threading into it properly.

This is the fun part. Take out your weapon of choice and cut the three drywall screws down to about 1/2" long.

I was going to use my rotary tool, but not only is this more fun, but it's also midnight.

Now, simply attach the bezel back onto the front of the case, take your now short drywall screws and put them into place. The head of the screw is big enough to not go through the hole, unless you've got yourself some weird drywall screws. Might want to check that first.

There you have it. Simple mod to improve on the poor design of the front bezel. Literally took me longer to write this and to put the awesome little red arrows on in Photoshop then to actually do the mod.

This is how the bezel fits after:
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In the first picture you have 3 cable like thing running out the side.My top doesn't go all the way down thanks to some cable ties in the top fan holes
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The first picture was just a terrible angle, I replaced the stock fan that came in the case panel with that Scythe at the same time and hadn't done anything with the cable yet.

Wow, that is an absolutely awful angle to take that pic at, I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out.
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