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CMOS battery problems

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Ever since I had my motherboard, the settings wouldn't save and the time would revert back to 12:00 January 2005, and I have to set in my BIOS settings all over again. I thought it was just the battery, but I had just replaced it with a new one but the problem still persists. This only happens when the computer is unplugged from the wall. As long as it's plugged in the settings stay. I checked the battery slot and it seems to be a tight fit
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Weird, sorry I don't have a good answer for you but two thoughts
1: Is your PSU going bad - delivering weird volts (Specifically 3.3v I think)
2: I use a back-up UPS that protects my computer for about 20minutes with the power out (running) or couple hours if off - they're fairly cheap especially black friday($20)

Good GPU choice!
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