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Ok, for some reason I no longer able to keep my system running at my overclock speeds.

The highest I can take my chip on stock voltage is 2.8ghz, but it ran 12 hours stable with two instances of prime95. I would only get a CMOS error sometimes when restarting before but I could usually continue and still maintain my overclock.

now at the same settings:
1.25 NB/SB Voltage
DRAM running at 400MHZ on stock volts at that reference clock (due to the 12.5 multi)

anyways now my system will not even post, and when it does it gives me that CMOS Checksum error. Whats the deal with this? Am I missing something? I havent been able to find a PCI or PCIE speed divider, and if my system was stress test stable, why is it having a hard time posting?

does my Mobo just suck?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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