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CMOS Jumper

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If I start the computer with the CMOS jumpers in place will it fry the board or CMOS?
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No it won't, you always leave it on (in the don't clear bio position)
Not sure what you mean by position. Is there a particular jumper you should use or can it be one off from the back of a Hard drive?

Thats the jumper, also look for that topic in your motherboard manual "cmos" topic.

IDK about the HDD jumper, i guess it should work, but don't take it off your HDD that's inside you computer already.

I would wait for other members to post here before you do anything.
Thanks for the reply with the video. I have just an open reset post that you can put a jumper on. I put a jumper on it and forgot I had and started the computer. Do you think that toasted the CMOS or board?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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