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[Cnet] Google Voice

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SAN FRANCISCO--Google plans to unveil a service called Google Voice on Thursday that indicates Google wants to do with your telephone communications what companies such as Yahoo have done with e-mail.
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GrandCentral has finally been updated.....

Couple cool features:

Voicemail is transcribed to text.
You can listen to voicemail WHILE the person is leaving the message.
Free conference calling.
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Originally Posted by stanrc View Post
I've had a grand central account for a while now. I can't wait to check this out.
Just log into your account and the upgrade option should be at the top of your inbox page. I'm liking it so far.
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Originally Posted by stanrc View Post
Aww, mine says its not ready to be upgraded

Mine said the same. I checked back every twenty minutes and after about one hour it was there. Good luck!
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So, how is this working for you guys so far? Do you like it? It sounds like it is going to be very useful.
There is a freeze on new accounts at the moment. I'm not sure when they are lifting that and allowing new accounts. I have an account but I still don't have the upgrade option
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Does anyone have a google voice invite they can send me? rep + for an invite.

[email protected]

You can listen to voicemail while the person is leaving the message
Great, now they can start storing records of everyones conversations along w/ their searches and email....
can someone please explain exactly what this is

Do I get a phone number from Google that I can call people at and they can leave voicemails?
does anyone have an invite for this. I literally don't even have a cell phone or a lan line so I have to communicate with text messages on GMAIL lol
Awesome. I never listen to my voice messages because of how long it takes for the damn automated voice to let you press "play the message already!"

It literally takes like 2 minutes... and you can't go do something else, because it hangs up on you if you wait more than 10 seconds
(my provider)
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What did yahoo! do for email? I actually don't know, not trying to imply they haven't.
o_O I would like an invite too. PM me if you can.
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