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COD:MW2 for PC or PS3

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First big fan of COD4 on PC... Play it almost daily online!

Second recently purchased a PS3 (no games yet... just Blu-Rays)

So do I buy MW2 for the PC or the PS3?
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You could get it for the PS3 as you have no games, it depends, which do you prefer the feel of, a gamepad or mouse and keyboard? Secondly which will you use more?

If it were me I'd get it on the PS3 as it will be a slightly more relaxed atmosphere although there is that small
chance of racial slurs.

Then again PC is an appealing platform, the choices...

Don't stay with COD4, you want to unravel the rest of the story don't you?
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CoDMW2's online is completely different than CoD4's.
It just feels different. And no, I am not just talking about the lack of good servers.
The play style feels more, forced. It doesn't feel natural to me. Its kinda hard to explain. Its almost as if there is not as much choice while playing. And I don't mean like classes and perks.
The maps are very secluded and there is not much variation in gameplay among each map.
I vote stick to CoD4.

BTW, MW2 has an incredible (yet short) single player.
Tough choice... Getting Modern Warfare 2 for your PS3 would be fun since you can also play Online and discover new things.

But for PC, you can play with your friends that already have it...

I would say go for the PS3, it needs games anyways
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MW2 is a console game. so itll be most enjoyed on a PS3 or 360. Its unfortunate. But its true.
I had it for the PS3 and then bought it for the PC. The PC and PS3 version are the exact same. The only reason why I bought the PC version is because I didn't like playing with the gamepad (grew up playing fps with pc). Returned the copy for the PS3 to walmart, got my money back and bought it for the PC. It really depends on what you prefer, gamepad or mouse + keyboard?
If you like playing via keyboard and mouse then get the PC version and if you like better playing with game pads then get the PS3 version.
The only difference is that one will allow you to play with a keyboard and mouse and one will allow you to play with a controller. I'm sure you know what the PC version doesn't have by now (no dedicated servers, no console commands, etc).

I say PS3. It will be a console experience no matter what you play it on, so you might as well play it on a console.

I voted for stick with Call of Duty 4 though, because I don't think Modern Warfare 2 is that great. Feels like a crappy mix of Team Fortress 2 (sentry turrets), Halo 2 (dual wielding), and Call of Duty 4. Also, of course, because I'm so pissed at Infinity Ward for crippling the PC version that I don't want them to make any more money. That's just me though.

(note that when I say this, I have played it for PS3. My Mom's boyfriend bought it for his PS3.)
I say PS3 since the PC version is full of annoying problems like DX errors when the game is running at 1440x900 for me(runs fine with no lag and DX errors at ANY lower res for some reason)
so PS3 in this case.
Either buy it for ps3, or stick with cod4.

If you loved cod4 online play, i recommend you to stick with it.

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umm any FPS on PC with mouse/kb dominates using thumbstick aiming on console..

So yes get MW2 on PC go now.
Get one of the great ps3 exclusives instead and keep playing Cod4 on your pc, not like there are not still tons of people playing it.
Bads you're going to look forward to.

On the PS3.

-Lots of guys just absolutely going insane over the microphone, or unable to control the noises.
-Maybe a bit difficult on the end with playing on console.
-Lots of racial comments and cussing, etc.

On the PC.
-Hackers. Just straight out HACKERS. No joke. Already had an aimbotter shoot through bushes..
-Non-dedicated servers and bad hosts..
-People will also talk crap over the net too.
-Steam downtime..

This is from my experience, I have both the PS3 and PC, own MW2 on both of them. (because a friend wanted to play MW2, but I OWN the PS3 though heh)
Personally, I'd stick to PC. In case anything happens to your computer, game, CD, (absolutely anything other than having your steam hacked), you'll be able to recover MW2 anyways. On PS3, if you've got an internal problem or the CD bails on you, no you can't get MW2 back.
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i would say pc i played on max set mw2 and wow it alot better ps3
Console for the love of OCN, there are so many cheaters on PC now it's unbelievable. Rarely get a game without them, very rarely.
Fail necro bump...check the OP's date.
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