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COD3 on live

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hey guys just got COD3. got it rocks. any 1 fancy playing drop ur live tag in here

mines is stuffedhaggis
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my gamertag is "bblackmon20" but i wont have COD3 till the 25th
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Its pretty good but they could of done a better job on maps and when you walk you dont have a crosshair *** (Battlefield 2:MC FTW)
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Of course you don't. You don't in the COD multiplayer online, I believe. If the server has dynamic crosshair set, or something, it dissapears.

If you were walking, you wouldn't be very accurate with a rifle, etc - it's more realistic. Use your innovation.

I'm getting GoW + COD 3 free with my Xbox when I get it in February - so I'm cool!
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If you guys advise it i will buy lol.

If anyone up for GoW, Tony Hawks or PGR3 we will go for it

XBL = scupham

Mark you shall be added lol
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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