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Hey guys,

I play cod4 with one hand due to nerve injury. You may have seen this video before:

YouTube- Play COD4 with ONE HAND (PC Version)
If not i provided the link there. anyhow i am trying to find out from this great community if:
1. There are more guys like me
2. If cod4 supports the foot pedals that come with steering wheel controllers or if i can map the functions to keys somehow

i use a microsoft intellimouse optical. It has 5 buttons, my config is like this:

Left click: Shoot
Right Click: Run forward
Left thumb button : strafe left
Right thumb button: strafe right

KP - : Jump
KP +: Crouch
KP Enter: Run
KP 3: Knife
KP2: Nade
KP1: Special nade
KP 0: Reload
KP del: Prone

I reach to the keybooard keypd for thoose functions with my index finger. all those things need only one reflexive push in most situations so my hand is ually free to fire and move with my mouse.

I'd really like to know if i can use the steering wheel pedals to lean left and right....if any of you have any ideas on this please drop me one...and any other guys with arm injuries who think they cant play cod...please dont hesitate to contact me

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Why not get a mouse with more buttons? My Logitech MX518 has the left/right button, two thumb buttons, mousewheel button (you pess the mousewheel in to click), increase/decrease sens buttons that could be mapped to something else, and a window button that could also be mapped to something else.

That's 3-4 extra buttons (depending on whether or not your mouse has a "push the mousewheel in" button). You could add in a key for backing up - that's really all you're missing... That and looking down sites.
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