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CoD4 .DM_1 files not being recognized by windows vista.

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I have a friend who wants to make some videos w/ CoD4, but fraps and xfire both slow things down way too much while he' playing. So I told him and walked him through how to record and save demos.

He's created the folders and everything, and CoD4 does recognize im recording in-game and when he stops recording w/ the \\stoprecord cmd. However, windows doesn't recognize the files as existing. When I tried to send him one of my test demos he navigated around, and in xfire's explorer window they showed as existing, but when he tried to move them in the same explorer window, they said it no longer existed. Also, when he DL'd my file, which I know works, it disappeared and gave the same symptoms as the others he made.

Why isn't windows even recognizing that file? Is ther a way to fix it? I can view, move and play back my .DM_1 files fine, but his don't even show up in normal windows explorer, why?

oh, hidden files and folders are already enabled BTW.
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