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Hey everyone,

I've just installed COD4 and there's a problem i can't solve no matter how hard i try. I played this game before on my Geforce 8600GT and it used to have same problem. So doesn't happen only with ATI cards.

Well, here's the problem: Screen flickers when i press W,S,A,D keys and scrooll my mouse in the same time. When i just scrooll the mouse and look around or just press W,S,A,D keys everything is OK. It happens only when i do these in the same time. I turned Vsync on but it didn't help.

My res: 1680x1050
AA: 4x
AF: 16x
Everythin's maxed out.
Triple buffering and Adaptive Antialising settings are enabled in CCC.

Do you think i should lower my res and AA little bit or do you have any other solutions? Please help its not playable
1 - 2 of 2 Posts