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Cold crashes 64bit quadcore

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alright I have been trying to find a solve for this on and off for the greater part of a 6 months.

I run Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (same issue on windows vista 64bit)
Intel core2 quad Q9400 2.66ghz
4gig ram
and a radeon HD 4850 512mb GFX card.
EP5/PKU motherboard

Ever since playing Zeno Clash I have had this same problem with the same symptoms across several games.

The computer completely cold crashes, that is, it acts as tho it was suddenly turned off and then reboots as if nothing happened.
I can't get a blue screen even if I turn off automatic restart so no crash report can be had.

The games this happens with that I know of are as follows:
Zeno clash
Stepmania (***)
WoW (Unless I run it in windows basic mode)
Fallout 3 (unless I restrict it to 2 cores)

Modern games it has never happened with:
Settlers 4 rise of an empire

Things I have done to solve the issue are as follows:
completely reinstalled all drivers so that they are up to date as possible.

ran stress tests to determine if it was temperature related.(temperature remained stable and normal at all times)

Ran voltage tests to see if it is power related (again stable and normal)

Two games I have been able to solve in completely conflicting ways are
WoW and Fallout 3.
Fallout was fixed by restricting the cores used (CPU issue)
WoW was fixed by putting the windows theme on basic (Graphics issue)

I have looked all over the internet for similar cases which is how I found the solve for fallout 3 and WoW. But nothing has actully given a computer wide fix or acknowledged this as a wider than one program problem.

SO! anything anyone could suggest would be fantastic I am really hoping to get this over with as it cuts me off from really enjoying anything I get.

first some question cullers:
Yes the games are legit copies.
Yes I have reinstalled the games.
Yes I have reinstalled windows.
I have had the same problem on vista64 and W7/64
Yes my drivers are up to date.
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I'm thinking it might be your PSU. Try to get your hands on another PSU to see if that fixes the problem.
eeep yeah, I'd love to try that, unfortunatly my funds are down the sink
I'm really hoping it's a software problem for that reason xD
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I doubt it will turn out to be a software problem. U already tried uninstalling windows and all the drivers as u said.. I asked if u were using 2 monitors because of an issue that was floating around. Anyways, as far as im concerned it could be ur psu. Have u stress tested ur gfx and cpu? I will put some load on the psu. And u said that fixing most the issues was to turn off 2 cores? U got a spare cpu to test?
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Haha wish I did. Hmmm Guess I'll try a full day stress test on my CPU and see if swapping the PSU helps.
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