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Trying to get this color scheme to work in urxvt.


#   This file echoes a bunch of color codes to the 
#   terminal to demonstrate what's available.  Each 
#   line is the color code of one forground color,
#   out of 17 (default + 16 escapes), followed by a 
#   test use of that color on all nine background 
#   colors (default + 8 escapes).

T='gYw'   # The test text

echo -e "\n                 40m     41m     42m     43m\
     44m     45m     46m     47m";

for FGs in '    m' '   1m' '  30m' '1;30m' '  31m' '1;31m' '  32m' \
           '1;32m' '  33m' '1;33m' '  34m' '1;34m' '  35m' '1;35m' \
           '  36m' '1;36m' '  37m' '1;37m';
  do FG=${FGs// /}
  echo -en " $FGs \033[$FG  $T  "
  for BG in 40m 41m 42m 43m 44m 45m 46m 47m;
    do echo -en "$EINS \033[$FG\033[$BG  $T  \033[0m";
and my xdefualts


URxvt*termName: rxvt

## borderless and no scrollbar
URxvt*scrollBar_right: false
URxvt*scrollBar: false
URxvt*borderLess: false

## teh transparency stuff
URxvt*inheritPixmap: true
URxvt*tintColor: white
URxvt*shading: 40

## geometry and font
URxvt*geometry: 84×24
URxvt*font: xft:terminus:pixelsize=12

## change default colors
URxvt*background: #000000
URxvt*foreground: #A8A8A8
URxvt*color0: #000000
URxvt*color1: #A80000
URxvt*color2: #00A800
URxvt*color3: #A85400
URxvt*color4: #0000A8
URxvt*color5: #A800A8
URxvt*color6: #00A8A8
URxvt*color7: #A8A8A8
URxvt*color8: #545054
URxvt*color9: #F85450
URxvt*color10: #50FC50
URxvt*color11: #F2FC50
URxvt*color12: #5054F8
URxvt*color13: #F854F8
URxvt*color14: #50FCF8
URxvt*color15: #F8FCF8

# Clickable Links
URxvt.perl-ext-common: default,matcher
URxvt.urlLauncher: firefox
URxvt.matcher.button: 2
URxvt.matcher.pattern.1: \\bwww\\.[\\w-]\\.[\\w./?&@#-]*[\\w/-]

! Colors
! Black
URxvt*color0:           #262626
URxvt*color8:           #252525

! Red
URxvt*color1:           #C12121
URxvt*color9:           #E50E0E

! Green
URxvt*color2:           #597b20
URxvt*color10:          #89b83f

! Yellow
URxvt*color3:           #Ded838
URxvt*color11:          #efef60

! Blue
URxvt*color4:           #265997
URxvt*color12:          #3F6FD0

! Magenta
URxvt*color5:           #706c9a
URxvt*color13:          #826ab1

! Cyan
URxvt*color6:           #69a2b0
URxvt*color14:          #a1cdcd

! White
URxvt*color7:           #BBBBBB
URxvt*color15:          #EEEEEF
Anyone got anything to add/fix? the color.sh doesn't show much so obviously I am doing something wrong.

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Originally Posted by Jimi;14228835
.Xdefaults is deprecated, you should be using .Xresources nowadays.
If you want to check mine out it's located here.
in my crunchbang setup urxvt wasn't going with my .Xresources. Was I doing something wrong? Perhaps I'll set this and remove .Xdefaults?

edit: you are the person who gave me that wallpaper! I saw your post on the arch linux forum.

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Originally Posted by Jimi;14229301
Small world

You need to run


$ xrdb ~/.Xresources
every single time you start a new Xorg session.
I personally have this line in my .xprofile which is loaded via my .xinitrc
I think I'm starting to get this now. I'm trying to setup mpd and ncmpcpp as well. So the .xprofile is set to auto load from xinitrc which automatically loads?

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Originally Posted by Jimi;14229856
I didnt see that part in your xprofile. Also isn't there a command for alsa to show me my device info so i can put it in my mpd.conf? I got ncmpcpp to load my media but I have no sound.

edit: forget about the sound part. Once I installed DWM and launched that I can play music from my laptop.

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Originally Posted by Jimi
View Post

Works for me; Should work on any terminal emulator. Hell, it even works on Windows:

Please try to be a bit more specific, and we can try to tell you what you're doing wrong.

I try
sh color.sh
(from the directory that script is in but nothing shows up. Later I may take a screenshot.
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