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Comcast cease & desist letters

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Have any of you ever received one of these? I read they send these out if you are using too much bandwidth. Any idea what the line is? A few years ago when I first heard of them sending these out it was like 100gb I believe.
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lol i watch hulu almost everyday and ive downloaded at least 20gb for games 11 for mw2 5 for mirrors edge and just playing online in the evenings, and thats shared with someone who watches online as well as video conference. lol soo i havent gotten one yet but sometimes dont know xD i havent gotten one. what does it look like? what do they tell you?
No idea but lately there cable TV service SUCKS!
I don't download enough to have ever got a warning....
I thought they couldn't limit the download volume because it disrupts other services like Vonage for example.
It really depends on what the context in the Cease&Desist letter is for.

Are you downloading illegaly, if so, then that is a possible reason you are getting them.
If you are going over your download limit, then they would most likely just fine you. If it happened to be a repeated occurrence (happening 3 times out of the year), you may get a Cease&Desist letter.

They can still limit the download total monthly, you sign up for their terms they have the right to. However, with the FCC placing control on what they can and can't do, that is porlly changing soon.
yeah i've only gotten one from them for illegal downloading
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Two of them, one from season 2 of Heroes almost 2 years ago, one for Harry Potter audio tapes (don't ask why) about a month or two ago.

The first instance made me switch to private trackers where I was totally clean, and then the moment I use public trackers to find something I needed to get I get another one on the randomest thing. I never got anything from the C&D letter though. It's more or less a warning letter.

As for getting one for using too much bandwidth, that's BS. I've used <50GB over the 250GB cap 8 out of 9 months starting about a year ago. I never got anything. And the funny thing is that two months after I actually went under the cap I got my 2nd letter. My first letter was before they had a cap.
I am a comcast user and this is a area I am well versed in. Ok once upon time there way no real limit. They just sent out a notice for band with abuse if you used way more then most comcast users. Like one time I made the top 1% for the whole network by dl'ing over 1tb in a month. What can I say I just got my new 50"'plasma I needed something to check it out with. I fought with comcast about there Fair Use Policy. I told them you can't have a invisible line in the sand. So give me a number. They told me we won't do that because you would just dl till you get to that number and stop. And I said SO!!

If anyone here has seem my post you know I love a fight. We went the 12 rounds on the phone and it came down to behave and a slap on the wrist.
No Problem
I few months later they set a number at 250gb FUP Ok now there is a line right.
I had to call back when they upgraded the system to 12MB down . I said I just have to ask why do you bother making it fast, so I can get my ass kicked off the system twice as fast. I said give me 3MB down and no limit now that would be a upgrade 12MB and 250MB max downloads. I can now get my but kicked in less then a week this is entrapment!

So I had a blast with the guy on the phone busting his balls for fun.

Now there is other kind of Cease and Desist. If your IP get reported for downloading say a torrent of copy protected stuff, that can get you kick for a bit and then they let you come back for a warning. I had that too *LOL* Not from Camcast but its all the same no matter what provider you use. Unless you use one of the services out there that runs your download from the ISP and where you Download from Secure Servers. They basically set in some small country that says bite me to MPAA and all the Copyright Gestapo types. They keep no records and there country just won't make them

That type can be avoided

The bandwidth type can't be got around that is where they have you where the hair grows short.

I keep asking why that they advertise how fast the system is, but not How little you really can use it but they can't give me a answer. People need to stop asking how fast? and instead ask how much? when looking for a provider. Like checking your email at 12MB down is really going to make a diff to anyone. Home users can't web serve or host your own web site that is also against the FUP so what the point?

I hope that helps
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