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Comcast Town???

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My Grandmother just called and said she saw this commecial about this thing called Comcast Town. I went to the site and it looked like some SimCity/The Sims type thing. I tried digging up some info about what it is really but I'm limited to what I can look at right now since I'm at work. Anybody heard of this or experienced it? I'm not sure if its even a game.

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Heh...it must be based on those commercials of late. Same cool little tune. Only bad thing is that I HATE COMCAST!!

Cool nonetheless though I guess.

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Heh...it must be based on those commercials of late. Same cool little tune. Only bad thing is that I HATE COMCAST!!

Cool nonetheless though I guess.

So is it a game like some MMO? What do you really do lol? Is it safe for a 56 year old woman to play?
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It doesn't seem to be a game at all. It is more of a...I don't know. You either pic a room or design your own with "money" that is in your bank. If you register then your bank gets replenished and then you can buy more stuff for your "room". You can earn "money" buy logging in daily and browsing the "phone book" which lists all the other people who have registered and check out their rooms. I don't really get the point of it as of yet. All you see is the single room, either yours or the one you are "visiting". Maybe they have bigger plans for it as it gets developed more, I don't know. It does link with Facebook so when you save your room or make changes you have the option to post the activity to your page. We'll see where it goes...likely nowhere.

Here's my room...fascinating!
That would be cool if my grandma asked me if it was safe to play online games... she freaked out because I wasn't replying to her emails and she thought her PC was screwed, spent what? like ~$300 for a GeekSquad guy to come in and fix it because "A wire broke inside".

Anyway, the new Comcast commercials are as annoying as hell. I hate them for some reason.
These new Comcast commercials sound creepy. They all sing in monotone and theres all these strange mashups during it. Although catchy, it's somewhat scary.
looks like some marketing thing for their new annoying commercials, the rooms thing/facebook is just like the myspace/garden thing my wife gets into, lol
I just watched 3 of the commercials and yeah, they are enough to make you want to beat your head against a brick wall.

It's all just a marketing ploy by Comcast to promote their services...which are not all that great to begin with! My internet rarely seems to have the amazing speed they speak of. I tried watching Family Guy via the ComcastTown TV pathway (which launches a different window, leaving the Adobe-hog, system draining ComcastTown running in the background) and it wasn't nice streaming video at all...unwatchable.
It's a shame Comcast spend so little time improving their product, and so much time on garbage. When I say product I'm referring to their internet speed and customer service. It is a joke compared to many other countries, and a joke compared to FIOS.
Oh goodie ,my dream finally came true, they made a room simulator... It's so "realistic" and "entertaining"!..
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