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Companies make deals with Bittorrent

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not shocking to me. bittorrent is widely used and a good way of buying movies legally even though you could get the same thing illegally. remember, bittorrent is completely legal, its the copyright stuff that you can download tahts illegal.
Bittorrent could actually be a great way to sell and distribute movies and games.(legally)

Make its clients search for a copyright thing or something on the torrent file that shows its legal after its bought and download away.

These huge ass companies that complain over piracy are getting to be a pain. Theiranti-piracy is making it worse for the non-piraters.
Since using bittorrent would have users sharing the files, the company wouldnt need to set up much bandwidth to be able to distribute the movies for rental, which should theoretically make them cheaper.

But who wants to bet they would just pocket the extra and charge the same for them.
that would be a realy good way to dl moives having allot of seeds and good conection uber fast speed on bit torent
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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