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Company of Heroes

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My third foray into RTS, and I must say this game blows Warcraft 3 and Demigod out of the water.

Awesome game. I was like "OHH I JUST MADE IT ON THE BEACH" while playing.
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Hell yeah man!

Add me on Steam. Frosty1234. We can play, my friend 'Sargent Sir Spawns A Lot' ditched me so now I got a new wing man!
Well. I'm only playing the SP right now because I don't have access to the multiplayer. HOWEVER, I am looking into purchasing this.
Get Tales of Valor. Then get the original.
Play it in the correct order. The expansions and others add things you wont have in the original which makes it harder to play because you will want those features. Thats why I played them in order and mannn and I happy I did. Epic series is epic.

Men of War is also amazing. I like it more I think than CoH. While it doesnt have alot of the same stuff, the ability to manually control and aim artillery, tanks, foot soldiers, etc is epic win.
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MoW is absolutely an amazing game in every since of the word. If anyone would like to play with a bunch of people on a ventrilo please give me a shout as I also give mentoring sessions too.
If you need more info about the game look here http://www.gamereplays.org/community...r-Section.html and here: http://digitalmindsoft.eu/forums/viewforum.php?f=8 We are private beta testing a new expansion that will be coming out that is sure to be really nice.
haha..got all COH series for a year now..this is the only one games that i can't stop playing..really..i think i never missed it more than two days in a row...but because my crappy connection can't play online..

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My third foray into RTS, and I must say this game blows Warcraft 3 and Demigod out of the water.

Except of the three, only WC3 is strictly an RTS.
The other two are sort of genre-combinations... not that they're bad, I enjoy CoH immensely.

If you'd like an awesome RTS, though, try Age of Empires 3.
Some people would disagree and say the AoE2 is better, but I like the units in the third a lot better.
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Awesome game. Am stuck in the tank level, but I will pass it today.
Add me on Steam:
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