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compaq presario v4221tu

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Hi,I'm new here so please help me if anyone can. I've seached hi and low for information on this subject and even been to HP, but no help there either as yet(not holding my beath). My prolem is I own a compaq presario V4221TU laptop that has celeron m 370 1.5 ghz and I own a pentium m 760 2.0ghz cpu and would like to use that instead of the celeron, both cpu's are socket 479. After lots of reading up on the the 2 cpu's at intel's web site and doing a comparison i'm convinced that the pentium should work. The chipset in my laptop is i915GM and it is reported that chipset will support FSB 533. The service manual says it will support it also. My bios is the latest one f.21 and that is the only thing i can think of that is stoping it working. Can anyone confirm that the pentium will work, and if so is there any special procedure I need to do before I install this cpu. I have already tried to install it but to no avail. Thanks in advance for any help.
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I tried it, but i didnt work, then when I put the celeron back in it would not go either.
I must add the cpu was tested( so i'm told by seller) and it was new. The heatsink warmed up so power was going through the cpu.
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