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Compaq SR2110NX case mod

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I picked up this desktop from a friend of mine a few days ago and decided to make it into a project. It's a micro-ATX case. I've got some big plans for this thing. Hopefully it turns out ok. I will be adding a front HDD bay intake fan, plexiglass side window w/ exhaust fan, heat exhaust port above the PSU and bottom intake fan. Pics will be up as I progress.
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Here's the case the way I received it.

very messy and dusty as you can tell

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Here's the case after I stripped the guts out.

Looks better, but far from what I have planned

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I had the same computer a few years ago. Can't wait to see it!
Here's the front cover and side before....

and here's my rough blueprint of what I want to do

The light blue is going to be plexiglass, the white square with the red X are going to be holes for a 50mm intake fan up front blowing right beneath the hdd, and a 120mm intake on the side blowing towards the GPU.

The red is part of the plexiglass front, but I will be painting it so the bare metal isn't showing underneath, and I'm going to paint the DVD drive cover to match it.
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50mm will be absolutely useless, really it will do absolutely nothing, you woulnd't notice any change if you took it out. Also a little confused as to why you are having that clear part with the 50mm fan on.

Instead of painting the acrylic, why not just paint the metal?

Plans look like they should be good!
Well, the only reason for using a 50mm was because I wanted a fan to cool the hard drive. The way the hard drive was going to be situated didn't allow me to use anything bigger. Not really using that one for airflow, but after some thought and recalculating, I've decided to remount the hdd elsewhere and use either a 90mm (or 120mm if it'll fit).
Sorry I haven't had any new info regarding my case mod. Been taking care of an eye issue that I've had for the last month. I will try to post some new pics and information this weekend.
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