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So basically I want to hear opinions of the 3 builds I'm going to list. I'm mainly interested in bang for buck and the needs it satisfies.
The components I'm listing are just examples, obviously there are going to be better options to choose from that you guys can suggest, but anyhow here goes.

Entry Level Gamer:
CPU: i3 3220- $130
GPU: GTX 660- $220
Mobo: Cheap ATX Mobo- $60
Ram: 4gb ddr3- $30
Hard drive: 500gb hdd $60
Optical drive: Any will do- $20
PSU: 500w- $40
Chassis: Cheap ATX- $40
OS: Windows 7 home (or 8) 64-bit- $90

Total: $650

Mid Level Gamer:
CPU: i5 3570k- $220
GPU: GTX 660ti- $300
Mobo: Z77 mobo- $140
Ram: 8gb ddr3: $50
Hard Drive: 1tb WD black- $100
SSD: none
Optical drive: any- $20
PSU: 750w SLI/CFX- $90
Chassis: Decent ATX- $70
OS: Windows 7 home (or 8) 64 bit- $90
CPU Cooler: Hyper 212 evo- $30

Total: $1110

High End Gamer:
CPU: i7 3770k- $330
GPU: GTX 670- $400
Mobo: Asus Sabertooth- $220
Ram: 16gb ddr3- $100
HDD: 2x1 tb WD black raid0- $200
SSD: SAMSUNG 840- $190
Optical drive: any-$20
PSU: 850w Gold Certified- $150
Chassis: Decent Full Size or ATX- Say NZXT Phantom- $110
OS: Windows 7 (or 8) 64 bit- $90 Or Pro editions- $140
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100- $100

Total: $1940

Power User/Enthusiast-
Not going into detail cause you know, top of the line no compromise stuff..like LGA2011 like i7 3930k, LGA2011 Mobo, full water cooling.
So around $4000 ish?

Entry Level- Enough to start playing games at decent settings 1080p, some compromises but good bang for buck. No room for overclocking or dual gpu for future.

Mid Level- Can definitely play games at max settings 1080p may have to take it easy on AA and mods, ok for overclocking and dual cards for future. Limited power for Triple monitors or 1440p. Fairly decent bang for buck.

High Level- Can pump up the AA full blast and go heavy on mods 1080p. Suitable power for triple monitor and 1440p. Not so great on wallet but hey.

Enthusiast/Power User- Best that money can buy and whatever todays technology can permit. So you tell me.

Notable compromises- SSDs are limited to higher range builds because I see it as a luxery rather than a necessity, I mean what can you do today with 128gb of ssd space except for OS and a few games. When 1tb ssds become mainsteam then we'll talk.
Optical drive, of course you can buy expensive ones but it won't increase game performance, it's just so you can install cds. But with a bigger budget you can of course go with blue rays and stuff if you like.

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I would take mid, throw an HD 7950 which is better than the 660 Ti, a Gigabyte Z77X-D3H for the motherboard, a WD10EZEX for the HDD which althrough being a Blue is faster, a Plextor M5S 128GB for the SSD, and a 500W PSU.

That should give you a better build that's still in the same price range.
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