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Comparison between E6750 and E7500?

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Trying to find a decent processor for my cousin for his first build (tight budget). Looked into the E7500 since it seems to be similar to my E6750 which is still serving me well for two years. Only difference I notice is the higher clock (2.66 vs 2.93), lower bus (1333mhz vs 1066mhz), lower L2 cache (4mb vs 3mb), and that it's newer technology (65nm vs 45nm). Don't think his budget would allow an E8*** processor....so it's pretty much best processor for lowest price.

I've check over HERE for some benchmark comparisons and my E6750 doesn't seem to far off. However, I'm curious if it would would be a much cheaper solution to just sell him my E6750+Dark Knight with my board and memory. How much would that cost? $100-$200?

Only game he's probably going to play is Dragon Age Origins. In the future he'll be including Starcraft II, Diablo III, and maybe Final Fantasy XIV. No FPS games. Any thoughts?
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Judging by this review, the E6750 will be around 5% slower than the E7500 which will also run a lot cooler, and most likely overclock a lot further.
Overclocking-wise the 7500 will trounce the 6750, but if you want to keep it cheap the e6750 isn't too bad.
Making me feel bad...sounds like I'm selling an old obsolete chip to my cousin. It's old but the OC still handles today's games and applications pretty well in my opinion. The real question is whether or not the performance/price difference is better with buying the E7500 + decent OCing cooler/board/memory than my E6750+Dark Knight/780i/Corsair memory.
E6750 is quite the performer, was a great CPU back in its day and still is. Don't feel guilty.
I'd go for getting a 7500/ P45 board/ other ram. That is unless you were going to upgrade yours
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I'm actually just looking into the benefit of getting rid of hardware quick without going through the hassle of ebay (time/supplies/fees). Would help me build up for $9** Core i7 upgrade...if it's still available by then
Funny thing though is I'm looking forward to more SATA inputs than performance lol
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An E7500 sounds like overkill for him and a 720BE is faster for around the same money. Probably something like an E6300 or Athlon II X2 250 would be a better fit. I'd suggest the AMD given that LGA775 is at the end of the line. If you want Intel you might want to wait for Clarksdale that is due in early January 2010.
The E6500 is the best Intel CPU for under $100, as far as I know. 95% as fast as the E7500 for a good deal less. On the AMD side you could get an Athlon II x3 435 for the same price.
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